Tortured Cat

Today was the worst day ever!  As you already know, Mum dragged me to the V-E-T.  It started first thing this morning when she got home from work and wouldn't feed me, then stuffed me in the PTU and made me go for a ride.  We got to the office and there were dawgs all over (even tho Mum was nice and went in without me first to get my room so I could get VIP treatment and skip past the dawg line), it smelled funny, it was noisy and I didn't want to come out of the PTU.  It was my safe place, but the tech girl hauled me out.  Then she took me to the back, away from my Mum, and that made me mad.  So mad that I didn't want them to touch me, or talk to me or any of that.  They did anyway!  They stuck me with something and after that I don't remember what happened until I woke up and was in the PTU again.

FINALLY Mum came back a billion hours later and brought me back home.  It was weird when I got out of the PTU, my legs were all wobbly, I could barely walk straight and kept having to sit down because I was getting dizzy.  It was probably because I was famished after not eating for days.  That feeling has passed, but it took awhile.  I've had dinner and am feeling back to normal now and Mum and I are having night time TV couchies.

Oh, now she's giving me medication, it's some slimy liquid stuff and she tried at first to shoot it down my throat, which made me cough and gag, so she figured out to mix it in my wet food, which makes my stinky goodness taste funny, but of course I'm gonna eat it, I don't pass on food.

We thank you all for your words of concern today.


Max said…
Sympathies, dood, sympathies...
I am glad that ordeal is over with - although I have to say I would be worried about those vet humans having their way with you while you were unconscious!
Fuzzy Tales said…
Ugh! You do have our sympathies! Slimy, vile liquid forced on you just adds to the entire insulting, awful ordeal!
Gracie=^o.o^= said…
Oh you sweet baby. What a terrible day you had but now it is behind you. Today you will be back to feeling more like your ole self. Each da will be better than the last day. Once you don't have to take themedicine you will be 100% back to good times.
(((hugs)))) your Mom only did that cause she loves you!

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