Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for spring time and the joy of the backyard that I am privileged to go out in everyday.  I know many kitties do not get to enjoy the loveliness of going outside and playing, but I have a safe fenced in yard that I get to patrol whenever I like, and that is totally pawsome.


You are lucky indeed, William!
Fuzzy Tales said…
Yes, you ARE lucky, you have a wonderful back yard! We have our little townhouse back space (fenced), and we're grateful to have that, even though it's tiny. :-)
william...yur yard iz way awesum...we wood loves ta bee abe bull ta go out like that... but then therez de hole listenin ta stoooooooooopid BURDS thing....course if we could get sum headphones anda kitteh size ray dee oh.....

How nice to have a great backyard like that!!

The Florida Furkids
Timmy Tomcat said…
We have spring visiting here too.
Love it

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