Its my Gotcha Day

This was me on Gotcha Day May 23, 2008.  I was an itty bitty kitty, with giant feetsies. I have loved my peeple since day one.  
We have had many adventures since that first day.  We have moved twice, one time included that horrible week long car ride from Catifornia to here in South Catolina.  I have met my new V-E-T Dr. Hudson and all of the techs there who are kind of afraid of me. I have learned that I dislike other cats, I learned this at my Grandma's house when I was forced to stay in the upstairs room away from Smokey and Sammie.  
Here we are five years later, I hope we all keep having fun adventures together for a long time.


Happy gotcha day, William! You certainly needed those big feet - look at all the places you've had to go!
Fuzzy Tales said…
Happy Gotcha Day, William! We hope you continue to have good adventures for many years to come too!
william...a verree happee gotcha day two ewe N heerz ta 80 bazillion mor...heerz a tt card:

happee gotcha day dood, hope ya get plentee oh fish stix, ham samiches, friez, trout, flounder, sea bass, steak, cheeze burgerz, whitefish, mackerull, perch, cake, sghetti, salmon, pizza pies, butter, pork chops donuts, a 2014 CATillac car and enjoy and haz fun !!
meowmeowmans said…
Happy Gotcha Day, William! We hope your day is extra special, and wish you many, many more gotcha days to come!
Happy Gotcha Day you lil whippersnapper!
Flynn said…
Happy Gotcha Day William!
Happy Gotcha Day William!!

The Florida Furkids
tenku butang said…
this cat its yours?? sweettt..

ur cat is too cute!! i love cat too! =)

done follow, i love cats too.. =)

Follower no. 59

do follow me back.. =)

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