Monday, May 20, 2013

Rebellious Little Troublemaker

A very long story for you...

I admit it, I've been getting in trouble with the peeple more than usual lately.  I think that is why Mum hasn't been helping me blog, because she has been upset with some of my shenanigans and rebellious behavior.  See, here is what has happened:

About two weeks ago I went outside in the afternoon, like always.  While I was out there I heard and smelled something strange on the other side of my fence.  I peeked through the slats and saw movement and fuzzy fur. Naturally I HAD to check it out, the issue was that it was on the other side.  I know I'm not supposed to go to the other side, really I do, but this was important.  Without Mum knowing, I jumped over the fence (yes I realize this was bad).  She did not know about it until the neighbor dog Stella started barking her stupid brains out at me, I wasn't worried about her, she's behind her fence and I was far away from her, but Mum heard her going nutso and came to check it out.  She peeked over the fence and saw me over there and was none too pleased.  She unlocked the back gate and came out to where I was.  This did not please me and I growled and hissed at her. I kept looking at the back of the neighbor's barn and sniffing around near their fence, Mum did not understand but there was something under the barn that I did not like.  She tried to convince me to come back into our fenceline, but I refused.  I was being very rebellious and angry, I lashed out at my very own Mum, I scratched and bit her leg.  This whole episode lasted way too long, but Mum followed me all around the woods and back yard until I took her back to the barn area.  Finally the WB came home, I obey him better, he's like the Alpha cat of the house, Mum, not so much, he scooped me up and took me inside.

The next day...Mum saw that there were tiny baby kittens living under the barn behind the fence and that was what I was all interested in.  I did not want them anywhere near my house and that is why I got all crazy.  Since then another neighbor has captured some of the kittens and is trying to find them homes, I'm not sure if any others are still back there or not. I sure hope not, I really dislike them.

After that, Mum has not let me out without supervision, however WB sometimes has let me out and not kept tabs on me.  I jumped the fence on his watch one evening last week and he had to argue with me about going back inside.  He actually brought the PTU outside thinking I would go in it.  I just looked at him like "Seriously? You think I'm gonna just go in there?", then I jumped back over the fence and ran back to the house and was inside again before he got there. I don't know who is more crazy, me or him. MOL!

The moral of the story:  I have been grounded all weekend and no one has let me outside.  I guess they are trying to teach me a lesson.  Life stinks.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

William, I am an indoor-only kitty, which means I am permanently grounded! You may gripe but you have it much better than me!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...we think itz way awe sum that we tried ta tell sum bodee bout de wee thanx mew ta ewe ....they will finds a forever home...sted oh bein grounded ewe shuld bee given de keyz ta de car ore sumthin coz ya helped saved de wee kittehs lives !!


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