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This litter is no match for me

Peepul are such push overs when they see the word free on something.  Mum decided to try the Worlds Best Cat Litter in the purple bag because they have the rebate offer going on right now, she thought "hey, what the heck, they are giving me the chance to try it, then give me my money back 6 to 8 weeks later, may as well give it a go."  We switched my litter about a week and a half ago from my usual fresh step, to the lavender scented WBCL.  I am easy going about litter switches, always have been really.  I figure if I can poop it in, its good, as long as Mum cleans up after me.  I confess sometimes I fail to cover, just to get it cleaned up sooner. MOL!  
The trial was going well for several days, it clumps up nicely keeping things dry, it smells all flowery at first, but then things go down hill.  I am a mancat of size as you know,  I'm not fat mind you, just a big hunk of Tabby mancatly-ness and big animals make big sm…

A taste of freedom

Hooray!  The peepul let me outside again.  Granted it is only for short outings, and I am  under strict supervision, but I have been out a few times in the past few weeks.  Its better than nothing I suppose, I just wish they would let me out on my own again. I got eat a bunch of grass, walk around and smell things and roll around on the concrete on the patio. It was fun until the peepul decided that I was getting too close to the fence and was looking a little jumpy.  Then I came back inside and that was that.  

Super Dinner

I just have to share about the totally pawsome super excellent dinner that I got to enjoy with my peepul tonight! We had real live dead shrimp AND KRAB! It was soooo delishiss and I didn\'t even have to beg, they just shared with me, because they loooove me sooo much.

Tortured Tabby Tuesday

You might remember that I got grounded from going outside awhile back.  Well, the grounding continues, I keep trying to skwerm out the back door, but the peepul are always foiling my plan by catching me before I get out there.  I holler at them, I scratch at the door, I can reach the door knob, but its round and I can't get a grip on it to turn it.  A Mancat just wants to go outside!! Is that so  much to ask???  Well today Mum took me out on the porch with the screens.  I can roll on the concrete, which is nice, I can smell the smells and hear the hears, but I can't touch the outside stuff,  its just short of torture I tell you.

And Mum says I'm spoiled...
Mum -  "you are being overly dramatic don't you think, telling your friends you are tortured" Me - "Well, maybe a little bit, but I would like to go out in the yard" Mum - "You should have thought of that before you jumped the fence and got in trouble" Me - "*grumble, grumble, grumble*  …