Bizkitville Sunday

Oh Bizkit pillow, you're the only one who truly understands me.  I love our trips to Bizkitville.


Timmy Tomcat said…
Meow we love Biskuits too
Sparky Spitfire said…
my sisfur Suzie has a special purple pillow. it's the only one who can understand her too. what is it that makes pillows so empathetic?
Raz's favorite bizkit place is Mom's neck!!

The Florida Furkids
dood....bizkut ville iz a way awesum place ....we noe wear ewe iz comin frum !!!!
After all that red dot chasing, I think Waffs needs a trip to Bizkitville!
: )
meowmeowmans said…
That's so sweet! We have a Biskitville blanket here! :)

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