Its white, its cold, its SNOW!

Last year it did something that I'd never seen before, it snowed a teency bit here.  Last night it did that again, but in a bigger quantity.  

The peepul are pretty impressed with the snow, since they are familiar with it.  I was born in Cali and moved to South Carolina, I don't know much about this stuff.  

Thankfully they let me investigate a little bit.

I must say,  I am pretty impressed with it too!

Aw Mum, let me stay out and play!
As you can guess, she made me come back inside because she didn't want to stay out in the cold.  Furrless peepul can't take the cold...
I do have to admit, my feets got a little chilly in that snow.  It was fun while it lasted tho.


You really look like you enjoyed being a snow kitty, William!
We can't believe you were outside in that. You're a much tougher kitty than we are!
meowmeowmans said…
Awesome! We're glad your Mum let you have some fun out there in the snow. :)
dood....snow iz good for bout like 10 seconds when yur in it..tho glad ya got ta see it N go out for a wee bit... !
We decided to stay inside during the Columbia snow storm. Mom talked about putting us on a lead and taking us out, but decided she didn't want us to poop on her pillow later.
Nerissa said…
Yup, that ol' snow has been gettin' around, these days. We have it here, too. Of course, this IS Canada so it's expected. What's not so expected is the rain that comes every now and then. MOUSES! Mother Nature appears to be confused.

Jans Funny Farm said…
We had some snow here last week. Only the dogs went out in it. Well, Jan did, but she's not thrilled with it. :)

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