New clothes

Mum decided that it was once again time to get me a new collar.  She thinks that I am concerned with the appearance of this necklace that she dangles tags from and makes me walk around wearing. This time it is a red collar, in a light weight nylon fabric that might actually be a little more comfortable than the leather one I've been wearing.  Mum also compared it to the red power tie that fancy business men wear, so I'm wearing a red power collar. 

You ask what I need power for...well, I kind of already have it.  I ask for food and I usually get it.  I put on the cute and I get attention. Who am I kidding?  I am the king of the kitchen and pretty much the whole house already, so who needs a power collar...

 Uh oh, Mum just told me that I'm not all that I think I am and to tone it down.  Alright, I guess I better listen or I won't get Temptations anymore. I'll just lay here and be a good boy. 


dood...yur power collar iz rockin....if ewe had one that wuz a wee bit thicker...ewe wood bee a soooper hero !!!

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