Changing up the sleepin' spot

Do you guys rotate your nap spots?  I do. I mean for weeks or months at a time.  I've been snoozing in the closet cave in the guest bedroom for the past several months, but my uncle Jeff came to visit this weekend, and I didn't want to introod too much on his space, so I relocated.  I've been hanging out in my crinkley orange thingy for the past few days.

It's rather noisy to get in and out of because its plastic crinkly stuff, but I think that adds to the fun because yesterday I was in it and Mum heard it from the kitchen and thought I was getting into something I wasn't supposed t. So she tracked me down and saw me in the bag and said I was kyoot.  Today she said I was Kyoot with a capital K, I am pretty handsome after all.  I'll probably hang out in the bag for a little while, and then move on to somewhere else for my napping pleasure,  the closet cave is always good because it's dark and warm, the PTU, tower and guest people bed also work.


Fuzzy Tales said…
We do rotate our sleeping spots, but we don't think that any of ours are as cool and as fun-looking as that crinkley orange thingy. :-)
We do change up our napping spots. Sometimes it's weather-based, like in the winter we sleep on and around the floor heater.
dood....yur diffrunt nap sleepin snoozin spot iz awesum !! how kewl wood it be if it wuz az big az de peepulz bed !!
That's a pawesome napping place. We take turns on various napping spots, especially the cat tree in the sunroom, which we take turns on.
meowmeowmans said…
Your new napping spot is COOL! We like to switch up our spots, too ... it helps keep our Mom and Dad on their toes. :)

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