Sunday, September 7, 2014

A story and Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This is a story about a wet cat. 
One day the peepul of the house decided that the cat was dirty.  As we all know, cats do not make a habit of getting dirty but when we do, we wash ourselves, so this was a ridiculous idea. However, the peepul were not to be discouraged and they proceeded to pick up the cat and take him in the bathroom where a tub had already been drawn.  The cat attempted to scratch the female of the peepul who was holding him and leaning over the bath tub, however he was unable to get a good grip on her shoulder and was placed gently in water up to his armpits. The male of the peepul then held the cat in the warm, not so horrible feeling water while the female poured warm, not so horrible feeling water all over the pristine fur of the cat. The cat came to the conclusion that the water that was being poured on him really wasn't as awful as he had predicted it to be.  The female put some odd smelling goo on the cat and began rubbing it all over his fur while the male held him in place.  The worst part of all of this was that the male was holding the cat in place, not so much the warm water part.  The cat growled some, but in the end decided that he wasn't going to get out of the situation, and he didn't totally hate it like he thought he would.  Once he was all lathered up and smelled like fancy oatmeal soap, the female poured more water all over him to rinse the bubbles off.  The people kept talking in nice voices to the cat telling him how good of a boy he was, and the cat enjoyed that. Finally the torment ended and the cat was free to go.  The cat jumped out of the tub with great haste, but he was still trapped in the bathroom, because the peepul didn't want his wetness getting more wetness all over the carpets and furniture.  WHY get the cat wet then??? Of course he is going to get all over those things.  The female tried rubbing a towel on the cat, but the cat kept squirming out of the towel, but it did get some of the water off.  Eventually, the cat was allowed out of the bathroom and where did he go...straight on to the peepul bed of course!
The moral of this story for peepul, don't wash the cat unless you want wet furniture, carpets, beds, selves etc.
The moral of this story for cats, being bathed really isn't thaaat bad, warm water is soothing, but I still don't think it's necessary. 

Additionally,  I just learned about the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and wanted to play along.
I'm a cat, I don't sit still well, thus the slightly blurry pics.


Kitties Blue said...

Thanks for coming to see us at The Cat on My Head. Hope you will consider entering a selfie next week. That was a very sweet story. Someday our Mom will have to tell about her cat bathing experience which left her battered and bloodied. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Christy Paws said...

I very much enjoyed your story! I haven't had to have a bath since I was a youngster but you never know. I only vaguely remember it. Loved your selfies.

Marie Symeou said...

Enjoyed reading that!

My mum doesn't wash me, thank the gods!

Purrs xx

The Indulged Furries said...

I had a bath just a few weeks ago. I get one bath each summer, even though I'm an indoor cat and don't get dirty. It was similar to your experience but it was just the girl people and it occurred in an enclosed shower. She calls it the "Warm water massage". I call it getting wet. You're right, the bath isn't all that bad. My least favorite part is trying to get dry afterwards and having to lick all my furs back into their proper place.

Love your selfies, especially the second one where you're licking your lips.

Summer at said...

Hi William! I don't think getting bathed is that bad - I've been bathed several times, and my human is going to learn how to do it next week! She even bought a dryer on a stand for me. I like being fluffy and fresh!

Kitties Blue said...

Glad you decided to join us this week. Those are the most adorable selfies. You are very good at this.Hope to see you again next week as well. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Austin Towers said...

Hi William, nice to meet you :) Your selfie was more successful than mine! This peeps washing us lark has only happened to me once. Just the once! Hehe!!

Mariodacat said...

he he William, M is laughing so hard over your bath story. Way be when with her first kitty, she had to give him a bath too. it was not a pleasant experience for M or D or the cat! Love your selfie!

Pawcific Purrsea said...

MOL MOL MOL...great story! I've only been wet like that once when I fell off the boat. It was cold, and tasted terrible! Mom put me in the boat's bathtub and made it rain on me, but at least it was warm and I stopped resisting...resistance is futile. =^,,^=

Marty the Manx said...

Great selfies! So sorry you had to have a water baff. Silly humans thinking you wouldn't get water on their bed, have they never seen a dog after a bath? They should feel lucky!

Jane and Chris said...

William, you should sue... we could help you find a lwayer...just sayin'.
William from The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

Sunday Snoozeday

I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as mine has been.  I've taken about 7 naps so fa r.