Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday adventures

This is a good camera angle Mum, it makes me look sleek.

It seems that the peepul have finally started loosening the restrictions on my being grounded from going out in the backyard!  Meaning, I've been allowed out to roam under supervision two times in recent weekends, but that's more than I've been allowed for many many months.  In this shot I was just coming out from under the barn.  I have a secret spot under there that only I know what goes on in.  I was allowed to be under there for about 10 minutes, then Mum came over and called for me.  I am obeying the peepul pretty well and going back towards the house when they ask me to right now, it's the least I can do to show appreciation for being allowed out. I do provide them entertainment when I'm out there, it gives them something to watch other than the TV or the iPAD and I talk back when they say things to me which they find funny.  I give a good amount of sass when I'm outside, I am talking back in this picture actually.  I hope this trend of me going out continues, think positive thoughts for me.


Jane and Chris said...

Whoa Dude! Outside is scary..wolves and coyotes and stuff...BE CAREFUL!
The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

Summer at said...

Lucky you, William! I wish I could go out and have that type of freedom, but I have to be on a harness and leash with my human's eyes on me the whole time.

Crafting Queen said...

Outside is the best,enjoy!


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