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Sunday Selfie

I know, its not an official "I took it myself" kind of selfie, but it's me, yelling about stuff in the back yard.

Exploring nature

Today Mum, the camera and I got to go outback and explore nature.

I explored around the bird bath and feeder (sadly, no birds joined me)

I explored around the fire pit (with no fire of course) 

I checked on the little trees
Oh yeah, I looked around under the barn, but didn't see much.

It was a great trip outside, and I was tired when we went back in. Happy nappies

Thursday 13 Flashback

Today we take a look back in time and revisit a post from May 22, 2009:

Today, the 23rd of May, is exactly one year since the day that my peepul came and got me out of the shelter in Santa Maria California. Everybody else calls it Gotcha Day, but since I'm the one that was "Got", I call it GotMe Day. Hehe.

It has been a wonderful first year with my peepul. There have been fun times and times when I've been hollered at. All of the times have helped us to bond. I luv both my Mum and my Wresslin Buddy.
Let's recap some of the things that have happened this year, in no special order, some with illustrations, some without.

1. There was that one time that a skwerl ran by the back of the house and the glass part of the sliding door was open, but the screen part was there. I saw that skwerl and had to chase it, I busted through that screen like no body's business. I failed to get the skwerl and got in trouble for breaking the door.

2. I have been able to save the peepul f…

The yearly V-E-T story

Me: Why is my sleeping box out in the livingroom Mum? Mum: Because you have to go for a ride to Dr. Hudson's office today Me: Well that doesn't sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning Mum; Nope, it really doesn't.
We ride to the V-E-T in the truck, this time the WB decides to come with us, he's never gone to an appointment with me before, so this is a nice addition.   We arrive after what seems like eleventy billion hours going over bumps and making me feel woozy from all the movement.  (It was actually less than 15 minutes, but riding with William is rather exhausting)
We waited in the lobby for a few minutes and there was another animal in the room, he seemed just as unhappy to be there as I did.  There was alot of distressed whining on his part, and his peepul kept telling him to chill out, which didn't calm his nerves any.(It was a black lab, about 2 years old, he was a bit anxious) After a short wait the tech told us to follow her to the room, then left us …