Sunday, October 5, 2014

The yearly V-E-T story

Me: Why is my sleeping box out in the livingroom Mum?
Mum: Because you have to go for a ride to Dr. Hudson's office today
Me: Well that doesn't sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning
Mum; Nope, it really doesn't.

We ride to the V-E-T in the truck, this time the WB decides to come with us, he's never gone to an appointment with me before, so this is a nice addition.  
We arrive after what seems like eleventy billion hours going over bumps and making me feel woozy from all the movement.  (It was actually less than 15 minutes, but riding with William is rather exhausting)

We waited in the lobby for a few minutes and there was another animal in the room, he seemed just as unhappy to be there as I did.  There was alot of distressed whining on his part, and his peepul kept telling him to chill out, which didn't calm his nerves any. (It was a black lab, about 2 years old, he was a bit anxious) After a short wait the tech told us to follow her to the room, then left us there saying that another tech would be in soon.  
I stayed in the PTU, (yeah it changed it's purpose from being my sleeping box once I got put in the truck in it) until the next tech came in. She arrived and I wasn't real sure about coming out because I didn't know what she was up to, but after a couple minutes I decided it would be ok. She talked nicely to me and I let her pick me up and put me in the scale, which had to have been wrong because it said that I weigh 21.15 pounds.  I'm big, but geez, even I admit that's a bit high.  I went back on the floor and walked around, I even rubbed the tech's leg and let her pet me until she scritched my butt.  No one at the V-E-T is allowed to touch the butt, and I mean NO ONE!  I hissed and swatted at her, then went back in the my box.  She called me Bi-Polar, which seemed a bit harsh, then left and said the Doctor would be in soon.
I kept going in and out of the box while we were waiting, it's good to have a safety spot when in such situations, but also kind of fun to be adventurous and have a look around.

 This is my look of concern when I heard a large animal scrabbling his claws on the floor while running down the hallway in front of our exam room door.  He was quickly going in the direction of the exit, and it sounded like a human was following him while being dragged down the hallway.  I can only imagine what had been done to him, I'm betting they did something to his butt, because they last time they did that to me I ran in that same direction at a similar pace.  A minute later the Doctor came in my room.
 After my several visits to Dr. Hudson he is very familiar with my behavior and was prepared on how best to handle me, he knew I wasn't about to let him get away with much.  He and Mum talked about drawing my blood to check my levels and stuff, but he said "not without being sedated", because he knows how horrible an experience that would be for everyone involved, so they elected to hold off on that until I need to really be sedated for something more important. Phew, I dodged that one. They decided on just the vaccines, so he went out to get a towel and not 1, not 2, but 3 extra techs to hold me down. The procedure for examining William goes like this, 1. William stays in the box and the people get inconvenienced by having to take off all of the little twirly screws that hold the box together. 2. The top of the box is removed and a towel is draped over the cat to make him feel better about the whole situation and a tech holds the towel on him. 3. The Dr. is then allowed to feel the cat (but not near the butt), listen to the cat and look him over.  4. Give injections quickly 5. Put the top back on the box.  Step 3 is usually the sketchy part, I was fairly tolerant of it this time without too much growling. That was until Doc Hudson made the mistake guessed it...he touched the butt, and I responded with a hiss and growl. He also wanted to look at my pearly whites, he said "I'm not about to put my finger in his mouth, so I'm going to use this little flat stick to push up his lips".  I thought that was pretty funny, he thought I'd bite him,.

This was how I looked at the end of step 5, I wasn't talking to anyone else about anything, but Mum and Dr. Hudson kept talking.  Apparently I need to lose some pounds, he doesn't want me to get heavier and get diyabeetees, because he said I could be considered as "pre-diabetic" now.  It was kind of funny how that term came about in the conversation, he told Mum that his wife is overweight (something I doubt she would want shared among strangers) and her Doctor called her pre-diabetic and needs to lose some pounds too. I won't tell her that her husband is using her as an example. Finally we got to leave, oh and only one of the 3 techs was needed to hold me down, I wasn't as bad as they thought I was going to be.
The ride home was uneventful, but Mum said that she could smell "stressed out cat smell" in the truck.  I may have emitted a bit of a musky scent, it just happens.


Crafting Queen said...

Poor you, sounds like a terrible visit to the V.E.T., glad it's over.

Willie Snapp said...

It actually was better than ones in the past. Mum says I really did pretty well.

Jane and Chris said...

We're traumatised just reading this!
Hope you got lots of extra (low calorie) treats.
The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

Ellen in Oregon said...

What a traumatic v-e-t visit. You are not as wild as they are all acting. They treat you like you are the Hannibal Lecter of cats. The way your wildness is described - so unfair. All you ask is to "Not touch the butt" & that is not asking much. It is their mistake that they touch the butt with total disrespect to your sensitivities William. Do you have a history of acting like a maniac while at Dr. Hudson's office? You seemed pretty reasonable to us. In fact, you were more normal than me because I refuse to leave my carrier at all, but you relaxed enough to walk around & explore the exam room. You even nice enough to let the tech woman pick you up to be weigh. They are giving you a bad wrap over nothing. Any v-e-t who is afraid to take blood from William makes us MOL! Dr. Hudson is being a sissy about that. You may be a bit heavy, but you are a muscular mancat. Hope you don't have to see Dr. Hudson for a long time. If he talking about his wife like that to strangers, you can only hope he doesn't spread rumors about your touchy butt to other patients. You & Mrs. Dr. Hudson could sue for slander & buy a lifetime worth of treats with the money awarded to you.

Summer at said...

Well, it could have been worse! At least you are basically healthy and you didn't have to be sedated!


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