The whole gang will be back together tomorrow.

It's just been me and Mum here at the homestead for about two weeks, the WB went on a trip somewhere.  I hear he's coming back tomorrow.  That's good, I miss having lap time in the man chair.


I decided to submit yesterday's embarrassing video to the Tabby Cat Club embarrassing moments day and earned this fancy badge: 


My human's boyfriend goes out of town a lot because he's a musician and plays shows all over the place! It was a treat for me to be able to go on an overnight with him and my human this week.
meowmeowmans said…
Well, hooray that the WB will be back tomorrow! It's nice to have everybuddy together, isn't it? :)
The Island Cats said…
We're glad you're gonna get your lap back. :)
Caren Gittleman said…
that will be fun to have everyone back!

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