Monday, August 24, 2015

Food Puzzle

In this installment of, "What is William Reviewing Today" I am going to show you this cool thing that I got from this month.  It had a bit of a learning curve that we caught on video, so my review is going to be mainly that.  The video of Mum showing the toy and me figuring it out.

Here it is, the Temptations, Snacky Mouse!  To me, Temptations are the world's greatest cat treats, I love all of their flavors, I really do, this may be a review, but I am totally honest about my feels for Temptations.

After this video was done Mum studied the mouse a little more and discovered that you can turn the mouse body to make more or less treats fall out depending on where the the little rods are in front of the holes.  It was set on super hard mode to start with, but she set it to easier mode which makes it more fun for me.  This thing is great!  I love you Snacky Mouse!

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Sweet Purrfections said...

Our mom bought us one of those but she didn't realize you could adjust the hole, so we got lots of toys out the first time.

Summer at said...

If my human brought one of those things home, Binga would probably break it and get all the treats out at once! Compared to the way she treats treat dispensers, you were very polite, William!

The Island Cats said...

We have some other food puzzle toys and I always manage to break them open and get all the treats out of it. ~Wally

meowmeowmans said...

Good job getting those treats, William! And thanks for the tip from Mum adjusting the hole. :)


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