Frosted Fails

Mum was eating cereal this morning.  I knocked the box off the counter to see what the hype was all about.  Since the cat in charge of this cereal, you know Tony the Tiger, says that "They're Grreat!", I figured he must be right. Once the box was on the floor where I could get a good look at it I saw that it was empty.  Yes that's right, EMPTY.  What fun is that?  I looked at it, pushed it around a little then realized, I'm getting no where with this and walked away. 


Poor kitty, it there is a cat on the box there should be kitty treats inside or a mouse or something good.
The Island Cats said…
Well, that wasn't much fun, was it??
Well gosh....empty? That's sooo wrong.

The Florida Furkids
Empty - and not big enough for you to fit in? Useless!

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