Escape magician

This is my bedroom door.

I happily go in here at bedtime, but when I think its time to get up, I still have to stay in here until Mum and WB come downstairs and let me out. Peepul wake up time,as we cats know, is not until several hours after cat wake up time. This morning (and another morning last week) I decided that I didn't want to wait for them. I busted out! Then ran upstairs hollering for them to "get up and feed me!!!"  Mum says I have really strong cat muscles because I have been able to shake and pull on the bottom of the door until it opened.  She tried to do it, and only made it happen once but with some effort.  So now that I know I can do it, I'm gonna keep doing it.  It doesn't always work if she pulls the door closed the right way, and she thinks locking it might prevent my escapes.  We'll see who is successful, me or her. Dun, dun, dun!!!


meowmeowmans said…
Good job Willie Snapp! Angel Moosey used to be skilled at opening doors, too. :)
If your Mom lets you sleep in her bed then there will be no worries.
Caren Gittleman said…
nothing can deter a determined kitty!! Love it! catchatwithcarenandcody
The Island Cats said…
Good job, Willie! Now you'll get to eat when you want to...not when the humans want to feed you.

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