Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My insides are showing...

If you have been paying attention to my Facebook page you know that I have had a little bit of a health issue recently.  Actually it's been around since we came here to South Catolina, I have a cough, it comes and goes, but it's usually more of an issue in the evening.  Mum has always been concerned about it and brought it up to my last vet , who kind of seemed less than impressed by it and said it was probably hair balls.  Friday Mum took me to a new vet to give me a change of pace since my relationship with Dr. H. was never very favorable.  We now go to Dr. G who seems like a nice guy, and we could probably be friends outside of the office, but at the office, I still don't act very friendly.
Anyway, at my check up on Friday, Mum showed Dr. G a video of me coughing and he was instantly alarmed. He was like "oh no, that's not hair balls!  I want to look inside his lungs and see what's going on in there"  So, on Monday, much to my chagrin, I got dumped at the vet office for an all day experience.  
I hate getting dropped off at the vet, I don't like the ride there, I don't like seeing Mum walk out the door, I don't like hanging out in a strange place with stranger people and other pets. It's just SO AWFUL!  
Well, Dr. G. had to give me some sleepy medication because I just didn't wish to be cooperative and they needed me to lay still on a table so they could take a picture of my insides.  I've had a ton of pictures taken of me in my nearly 8 years, but never any of my insides.  How weird!

Check this out:

Unfortunately it looked like Dr. G thought it might, he says I have abnormal bronchial patterns, which are likely causing the chronic coughing.  He said it's like bronchitis for people, but in cats it's called Feline Asthma.  So, it's not the worst thing, it's definitely manageable, since I'm not all that affected by it anyway, but Mum gets upset when I cough.  Really it only lasts a few seconds, like less than a minute of hacking then it's done.  As of now, they have put me on a trial steroid therapy treatment plan which consisted of getting a shot of steroids (depomedrol) that decreases inflammation, which in turn helps me breath better.  That was Monday, it's Wednesday now and I haven't had a coughing spasm since Saturday, that actually feels really good. I hope it continues to stay this way, but Dr. G said that the injection's effects will wear off over the next few weeks, then they will have to create a long term plan if the cough comes back.
I know Mum is looking out for me, and right now I do feel better, I just kind of wish Dr. G. could come visit me instead of me having to go in the vehicle to see him.  What kind of one sided relationship is this anyway?


Summer at said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, William! I hope the vet works something out so you are cough free long term.

Alexandra and Deztinee High said...

We's so glad it was nuffin' serious and dat yous feelin' better now. We don't know why all VETs can't come and visit us in our homes but ya' know, we's not so sure we wuld be so welkumin' anyways. MOL Have a pawsum day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

The Island Cats said...

We're sorry you have asthma,William, but we're glad you're feeling better and hope you continue to do so.


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