Goodbye Mr. Stand

Some of you recall when we had a berd, (and a phish, hence my blog title, the Phin, Feather and Furr Gang).  Well that berd had to live in a cage, and that cage sat on a table, except for that one time that I knocked the whole thing off of the table.  Hold on, let me see if I can find a picture...
...20 minutes later...
Okay, well I finally found a video that we took a snip from with a picture of the berd stand:
That was from Jan 2011 and the stand had been with the berd since the berd joined the family in like the year 2001 or something.

Anyway, Mum actually gave that stand away to a neighbor today.  It has been with us for ages and it is still in very good condition even after numerous military and personal moves, from one side of the country to another.  It's been with us as a family for all this time and she just gives it away, like its nothing.  Apparently we are getting some furniture in the space that it has been occupying since we moved here and I guess it didn't match anything else so it was sent to a new home. 

I didn't have any personal attachment to you Mr. Stand, but you served your time with the Snapp family with duty and honor.  Congratulations on your new lot in life.  
I hear we are getting new furr-niture to go where you were, and I'm kind of excited about that.


I'm sure the new furniture will create more memories.
The Island Cats said…
It sounds like Mr. Stand is starting a new life.
That was nice of you to get it a new home.

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