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The dark tunnel is a little brighter now

I just want to say thank you for all of the kind words that you all have left us since our post last week. It's been a rough 2 weeks, but the dark tunnel has gotten brighter.  I guess it's just the stages of grief, and we have made it to the acceptance stage.  It's not any easier, but I went one whole day without tears on Friday. That was somewhat of an accomplishment.  Everyday there is something that gets me thinking of him and remembering, and then some tears fall for a few minutes, then I recover. I expect that will happen for awhile, maybe forever. However, as of now, we are recovering, slowly but surely. I am working on our little memorial shelf and once I get the photo portion completed, I'll post a picture.  


Mancat Memorial Monday

William Alan Snapp Feb 28, 2008- June 6, 2016 "He's a good boy, he really is!"

I know I haven't posted this to the blog yet, but really I think the larger audience has been on the Facebook page, where I did put out the information.  But I suppose for the sake of the blog, I think I should write a final post.  I'm not going to do like others have done where they write a farewell post in the words of the cat.  I don't think that would be beneficial.  
Here we are, a week later.  1 week AW if you will. My sweet boy passed away, rather unpleasantly for both of us, in the car on the way to the vet.  He was drooling, having great difficulty breathing and making painful yowling noises.  I discovered him in this state upon arriving home from work that afternoon, I quickly shoved him in the PTU and ran to the car.  Our drive was about 15 minutes and he passed before we got in the office parking lot, next to me in the car, while I was screaming/crying at him "No Willi…

Cute and cuddly?

Yes, I love head scritches, but only until I say so.  And then the mood changes.