New blogger in training

We are working getting Buckwheat ready to start blogging.  First we had to learn his purrsonality and his habits so we could help him to figure out what ideas and thoughts are good to share with our followers. 
He is already five years old and has never had the opportunity to be a blogging cat, can you believe that!  He has been holding all of his thoughts and plans in his brain for all these years.  We certainly don't know what he went through in his prior life, but from here on out his life is going to be full of joy and happiness. 
He will be giving you a formal introduction very soon.  Until then, he is learning proper typist/blogger interaction, there have been some struggles thus far...

                           Laying on the keyboard causes crazy things to happen

Like adding extra characters to addresses, and...

Oh holy fish sticks!! What is this???!!!  Oh myyyy!!

Ok, this will work.  Lay in the chair and just tell the typist what to write.

Stay tuned for more from Buckwheat.


Your blogging skills are spot-on, Buckwheat. We four kittehz always are "helping" our Mom, too. MOL!
Can't wait to learn more you. Welcome to Blogville, handsome!
To learn more "about" you. See? We kittehz are a BIG help!
Just Ducky said…
I am sure you will get the hang of this really quick Bucky. It is a "Snapp" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
World Purrs said…
Can't wait to watch you grow as a blogger, Bucky!

As the World Purrs
Buckwheat, you are so lucky you got to settle in some before taking over the blog. Even though my human had met me a few times and worked with me at a couple of cat shows, I pretty much had to hit the ground running when I came home after Sparkle died. Even worse, I was only five months old, not five years! I'm looking forward to hearing lots from you!
Buckwheat, you will be a pro at blogging soon!

The Florida Furkids
Aimable Cats said…
Parker typing was a big part of my getting started in the cat blogosphere. Her first tweet was a reply to the Winnipeg Jets from my account.

Zoolatry said…
Hi Amanda ... Hi Bucky ...

Ann from Zoolatry here. I was sure we had an email for you, but now cannot find it! I know we've made some pictures for you and the Phin, Feather, Furr Gang in the past ... but where your email addy is well ...
Anyway: now that you're in transition with Bucky, we've done (a gift for him) a temporary new header for his blog, but don't know where to send it!
If you want to email us ... zoolatry at gmail dot com we'll be happy to send it to you ...

Bucky is a cute one!

Amanda S. said…
MOL, we see what you did there.
waves two ewe buckwheat snapp frum all oh uz heer in de land oh trout ~~~~~

we see yur off two a grate start coz that thing peepulz callz a key bored
iz troo lee....knot .....

itz veree nice two meet ewe; stop bye TT any time; we all wayz haz foodz
on de grill 25/8 N hammicks for chillaxin in ~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺
Well Buckwheat, mines name is Raena and i's new to da Blogosphere too. Mines sis Dezi has been here a couple years with her isfur Lexi. When Lexi went to heaven i's came to live with Dezi and mommy. And h what a life. But let me tell ya' da peeps and anipals at Blogville are just pawsum. You's gonna luv 'em. And we're all gonna luv you. By da way, you be lookin' mighty handsum.

Luv ya'

Raena and Dezi

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