It's raining mice and chickens outside.  We are being visited by someone named Hermine.  I don't know if it's hers or mine,  but LL and I just sitting here in the chair observing it.  This hunkering business is pretty hard work,  it requires many naps to endure .


Be safe. Hermine came visiting here but everything turned out all right. We hope it turns out all right for you, too.
meowmeowmans said…
Please stay safe, friends. Hermine does not sound like she is very nice.
I hope you don't get hit too hard - stay safe!
The Island Cats said…
We're glad you're safe inside. We hear Hermine is pretty wicked.
Glad you are safe inside.
Cathy Keisha said…
Stay safe. Hermine is coming up here to visit us in a few days.
Mariodacat said…
Now that is a really tough assignment you have pal. Looks like you have taken care of your human very well tho, so good job.

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