Sunday Selfie

Today I have taken some selfies to share.  These ones are a little grumpy looking, but I promise you, I don't have a grumpy bone in my body.

No it's not Maybelline, I was born with eyeliner.

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meowmeowmans said…
Those are some mighty good selfies, Buckwheat! And we think your eyeliner is awesome!
Erin the Cat said…
Looking good, Buckwheat, very nice selfies, quite the gentlecat in fact, and looks like you have just settled down with a movie, a glass of nip port and a cream liquor. purrs ERin
You don't look grumpy, you are adorable.
Oh you look so snuggly!!'Great selfies.
Flynn said…
Those are lovely selfies. I like your eyeliner.
Katie Kat said…
hiya Buckwheat! nice to be borns good looking with your own eyeliner.. mol. Katie Mom doesn't think you looks grumpy at all. -Katie Kitty Too who gets grumpy alot.
The Island Cats said…
Great selfies, Buckwheat! Y'know...there are some women that would pay big bucks to have permanent eyeliner like you have.
Dash Kitten said…
To be honest - we think you look totally stunning. We agree with the Island Cats, there are human's who spend $$$ on eyeliner and you were blessed with natural beauty!
Gorgeous. Love the nose spot too!!!
Marie Symeou said…
Beautiful, and yes, you have amazing eyeliner!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie
MOL I have natural eye-liner too, Buckwheat :D Your Selfies are fantastic, you are a natural handsome cat :) Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead :) <3

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