Meowy Christmas!

I wish all of my friends to have a very Meowy Christmas ! I got a new bed and a bunch of toys and am very happy with all of it . The thing I'm not happy about is  that my people left and went to my Grammie's house in North Catolina and left me home with a sitter.  At least we had prezzints before they departed.   I'll make the most of it by napping.   Have a great day!


Merry Christmas, Buckwheat! We hope you and your humans have a wonderful holiday.
Mariodacat said…
That is so sad when our humans leave us alone for a top holiday time. Mine used to do that too, but now they are home all of the time. Meowy Christmas pal.
The Island Cats said…
It's sounds like you had a great Christmas, Buckwheat!
Meowy Catmas to you, Buckwheat!
At least you got the presents!! Merry Christmas!

The Florida Furkids
meowmeowmans said…
We hope you had a most wonderful Christmas, Buckwheat!
Caren Gittleman said…
your card is darling! Hoping you are having fun with your sitter! catchatwithcarenandcody
I hope you had a great Christmas, Buckwheat!!! At least you got so many nice gifts!!!:)

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