Natural Balance treats for a Balanced tummy

It is time for me to earn my treats, my free treats that is. I am an occasional review blogger for the blogger outreach and this month I partook in some yummy crunchy treat samples.
I can hardly wait to see what I have been sent!

I present:  Natural Balance, Limited Ingredient Treats in Chicken and Potato flavor.  These sound like they will be good for me, sometimes treats upset my tummy and that could be due to the various ingredients that are put in them.  These treats are all natural, with no artificial flavors or colors.  They are also grain free, which is important because I'm not big on grains even though I am named after one. LL took a blurry picture of the ingredient list so I'll tell you, they are made with chicken and potatoes as the first 4 things listed.  They are undoubtedly yummy sounding and are good for me. 

After giving these a try I can positively say that they are delicious.  I am only allowed to have 3 or 4 at a time, but if I could get my paws on the bag I would probably devour all of them.  These also are pleasing to my tummy, I have not had any vomito de gato spells since going off of the Temptation bandwagon.  I do love Temptations, but they tend to make me vomit, which no one around here likes. These Natural Balance treats must be healthy and nutritious, and I highly recommend them. 

As I mentioned, I get these samples from in return for my unbiased review.  You can't beat that, look into it for your own blog today!


I'm not sure about the potato part, but the chicken part sounds awesome!
The Island Cats said…
We're glad you liked these treats, Buckwheat. We'll have to give them a try.
I am sorry you can;t have Temptations, but glad you have something you can have.

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