Friday, April 7, 2017

These treats did not treat me well

I think my Lap Lady is finally realizing that getting the free treat samples from for our reviews is not the best of ideas.  I am a kitty with a sensitive tummy and a very particular palate.  In essence, the epitome of the finicky feline is right here.

So in this episode as my recurring role as a Chewy Influencer review writer, I will be telling you briefly about my experience with Iams Proactive Health, Hairball Care chicken flavor cat treats.

I profess to be a connoiseur of boxes and this one looks like a winner! 

For starters, this package is quite tasty. I am a professional bag licker, you can trust this judgement.

[Long snnnniiiiiiiiiiifffff] Aaah, yes they smell delicious.

*LL," Here Buckwheat, try these new Iams treats that we recieved from  I see it says to feed 10 nuggets per day to prevent hairballs.  Too bad you are only allowed to have 3 by my rules"

The Wheat, "3? Who came up with this rule anyway? I don't like it"

LL," 3 is the most that you can handle. Plus I want you to stay 12 pounds, not more.  Those treats are 2 calories each. you don't need 20 calories of treats"

The Wheat, "I know nothing of these things you call calories. Is this a game? Don't you usually want more points to win games?"

LL," Well,not exactly little fella, in this game you want lower numbers, but at any rate, let's get on with this review"

The Wheat, "Oh ok, let's do that"

I was able to try a few more than 3 in order to make a full assessment of these treats, and overall they were very yummy and I kept asking for more, however, there was a problem.  The problem was that LL had to clean up piles of vomito de gato after both times that I ate them.  Sorry Iams, but that is not a good way to gain a fan base.  Granted I have a very senstive tummy, we don't know why that is, but there are certain treats that do that to me, and these were one of those unfortunately. 

On the bright side, our neighbor has a plethora of cats who are able to eat whatever treats they are given, so they are now the recipients of my treats that get the boot.

I do always appreciate getting the free treats in return for my unbiased opinions from my friends at, whether I yak them back up or not.  Treats are very hit or miss with me, and the ones that I like today, I may not like tomorrow.  So, we'll keep trying. #chewyinfluencer

*For those who don't know, LL = Lap Lady.
I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.


Summer at said...

Well, I'm glad at least that the treats went to a good home!

The Island Cats said...

Too bad those treats didn't agree with you, Buckwheat. At least you got a cool box.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Sorry about your tummy. Nice box though.


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