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My Mum has a question about what litter I should use. What kind do you all use? I have been using Feline Pine, but the peepul still smell my stinkies. Plus the sawdust is messy once the pellets fall apart and it's difficult to separate the sawdust from the pellets without the box that has the screen in the middle to filter the sawdust to the bottom, we don't have that and don't want to get it. She wants to just be able to go to the commissary to get my litter and not have to drive to town to the pet store. Another thing about the pine, the pellets get kicked out of the box and they roll around all over the floor. What kind should she get? Tidy Cats, fresh step etc... She doesn't know, she's been looking on the internet for advice but wanted a knowledgeable answer from our blogosfeer friends. I'm her first kitty and doesn't have the answers for these tough questions.
Fanks efurrybody.



We also kick out cat litter. Also we are not sure how good the smell reduction is. So it is hard to tell. We've used a number of different cat litter.
Derby said…
I;m a Tidy Cat cat. Clumpable stuff. Mum has a poor sense of smell so not sure about that. The box is in the basement, but I always toss some of the litter out too. But since it is down there, it isn't a huge issue for mum. She sweeps up every few days.
Hi Willie!! We know there are others who know more 'bout this than we do.

We use Feline Pine too, but it's the clumping kind, not the pellets. We used to use Swheat Scoop, which we also liked, but Dad thought he might be 'lergic to it, so we switched to Feline Pine. Before that we used Arm & Hammer (we switched to Swheat Scoop 'cause Mom wanted to try something more "natural"). All three are kinda dusty.

Sorry we can't be more helpful, but we know someone will have better info for you!!
ctsheehy said…
My kitties, Beau and Nina, use ScoopAway, because that's what Nina's first mommy used for her. We found out that nearly ANY litter will have better odor control if you add some plain ol' baking soda. We like the clumping stuff because it's easier to find our messes and scoop them out. Keep an empty Litter bucket, line it with plastic bags from the grocery store, then put the lid back on. When you scoop, put your stuff in the bucket and you don't have to run to the outside trashcan right away. On trash day, you tie the plastic bag shut and throw it out, re-line the bucket and you're good to go for another week. Some baking soda in there too, and no odor problems if you remember to put the lid back on... Takes practice to keep a kitty, but we're worth it! PS. I'm registered on your site as meshugunah....
We3Katz said…
We use plain ol Johnny Cat Multiple wid litter deoderizer, we getz sum out of da box rakin it but thatz life!
Willie said…
Thank you all who have left comments so far, you are all helpful. My Mum went to the commissary today and was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry the feline pine in pellets and in scoopable. She is probably going to try the scoopable and see what it's like. We may try the baking soda at any rate. The idea about having a collection bin is great, she'll have to see what sort of container she can find.
PS. It is nice to meet you Meshuganah, I have seen you on my bloglog, thanks for visiting.
More comments are appreciated, in case the scooping feline pine doesn't work.

ctsheehy said…
If there's a deli at the commissary, see if they'll give you a pickle bucket! (or tub from one of the salads) Detergent and many other bulk products come in buckets so if you make it known that you're looking for one with a snug fitting lid, I'm sure someone will help you find one! Just let them know it's for the famous Willie, and it'll be no problem at all...
Hi Willie! We use Tidy Cats clay litter, because that is what we have always used and Momma is afraid to try anything else out of fear we won't like it and then won't use our boxes. Momma uses Arm and Hammer cat litter deodorizer; it has baking soda and smells nice, and helps a bit with the stinkies. Momma also got us some special mats that are supposed to trap the litter in them ... they trap some of it but not all, but she thinks they are better than nothing at all.
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Chance said…
Mai Mommie buyz me da Swheat Scoop litters. Its kinna lyk da feline pine wifowt da sawdust and it covurs mai smells reel gud too. Pwus it iz all mayds uf wheats so it bi...biod...brakes down gud wen yoo frow it owt. I lyks it lots an wilna yoos any other kins anymor.
The Furry Kids said…
We use Swheat Scoop, too.
PB & J said…
We love the fresh step clumping, it's not very dusty (one of the kitties that went before had asthma so we've always looked for low dust) - and they have points that can be donated or turned in for more litter or other goodies!
Daisy said…
We use that crystal litter (it's blue and white). It doesn't clump, you just scoop out the solids and stir the litter around to freshen it. My Mommie likes that it does not have much dust.
Hey, Willie. We have a couple different kinds of litter. Currently, Cats Pride seems to be getting the most attention.

We used to use Ever Clean, but we can't get it around here, and The Food Source says there is no way he is gonna pay to have kittie litter shipped in to him. hmmpphh...

About any clumping litter should work fine. Just put some newspapers or something similar around the box to keep blow back under control.
Karl & Ruis said…
Willy, we use the clumping cat litter. Twice a day the staff scoops out the clumps and once a week they make the litterbox clean and start with fresh litter.

But we also kick it out on the floor. A door mat/rug in front of the litterbox prevents to walk it through the whole house.

Karl & Ruis
Ghost said…
We use scoopable kind of litter - either Tidy Cats or Arm & Hammer. Mom has noticed that if you try store brand (i.e. Target, Ingles, etc..)they are dustier than the ones we use. And as ctsheehy said - baking soda helps a lot with odor.
Willie, you are in luck. We bein old an experienced, ya know...

First, we use scoopable clumping litter. It is easy ta paw around and cover our stuff. The Big Thing gets us 'Special Kitty' at Wal-Mart. It seems ta be cheap but not much dust an it werks as well as anny ofer kind of clumpin litter.

We tried cedar shavins, we tried pine pellets, and we tried paper pellets. We tried the Breeze System. We dint like anny of those!

Second, we 3 kitties haf 4 litterboxes (a good rule is "one more than the number of kitties".

Third, we haf 2 boxes inna basement and 2 upstairs inna computer room. That way, The Big Thing REALLY knows ta clean the upstairs ones an of course the basement ones.

Fourthal, he got a big plastic chair mat ta put unner the upstairs boxes, cause there is carpet in that room an sometimes there are "over the edge" acidents.

Fifthly, he has wide plastic putty knifes he uses ta scrape thru the boxes ta loosen the clumps. They can be sticky. It is easier ta use the scoop after that.

Sixally, He has plastic storage boxes fer the used litter. Plastic shopping bags fit in them good fer easy trash-time when the storage box is full, and we cant smell annythin cause the lids lock down.

Seventhal, We haf plastic buckets wif tight lids to hold the tied-up plastic shopping bags when full. We dont haf curb trash pickup, so The Big Thing hasta keep our litter fer awhile until its worth paying the fee at the landfill.

We hope somma this helps!

Skeeter an LC
The Crew said…
Any litter will get kicked out of the box or get tracked around on your feet. It's unavoidable. Our Mom buys only scoopable litter...whatever's on sale...they're all pretty much the same
kaylee said…
Emmy loves Fresh Step!
I am owned by 3 cats, various ages, and we've had good luck with the Fresh Step scoopable. It IS less dusty, I AGREE! I put baking soda in the bottom of the pans and I use clear storage bins that are 12" high on all sides, so they don't kick as much around.
we an' our beans loves the feline pine clumping, but can't find the dadgum stuff in town anymore. so we is usin' tidy cat multiple right now. we doesn't like nuthin' too pellety acause it hurts our toezies!

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