Thursday Thirteen Edishun 2: For the Bun Luvers!

My Mum got an email this week called: Beware of Identity Theft. I thought it would make a happy little T13 for everyone to look at.


Karl & Ruis said…
Oh boy, what a great photos!! Our favorite is the last one - we could hardly find the bunny, hahaha.

Karl & Ruis
Wow... look at what happens when someone steals your identity...
so much cuteness. i can't stand the cuteness. i'm so glad you have a great forever home. i'm a rescued kitty too. i hope you'll visit me sometime.

i use Feline Pine by the way. we love it. the scoopable stuff is less stinky and without the pellets is easier to scoop.
PS you're a very cutie kitty!
Oh Willie, those are the cutest pictures!!! Love them all!
Your FL furiends,
Wow, dem is some cute pikshers...
Daisy said…
Those photos are cool! I have heard that they even have bunnies with rexed furs, just like me.
kaylee said…
There should be a warning
cuteness over load ahead.
Angus Mhor said…
Willie! Hey, Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! Ayla and her Big Thing sent us over and said you were a great new friend..You're certainly adventurous..and seem to handle collars and leashes far better than I.

I use the PetSmart Exquisicat version of smells although there is a little dust. Not too bad, tho, and very absorbent.

Again, Welcome!
Derby said…
I love it Willie! I gotta send my bun friends over to check this out.

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