Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tabby Toosday

It's Toosday today, I have no tabby toosday picture yet, because my mum hazn't taken one uf me today, maybe later, once I take my nap and I'm back in action again for the evening.
Enyway, my mum iz still sick, she has a cold, coffin and sneezin all the time and thare are tissues everyware, I'm tempted to toss them arownd, but I've been good so far. She feels good enuff to pull the string arownd tho, so that's good fur me.
I watched the sprinklers on the lawn tooday, I wish I kood go owt thare and see what thay are doin spinnin arownd all over, my mum says I woodn't like them. I keep trying to go in the shower too, I am reely interested in the water, but my mum says I woodn't like the shower neether. She likes it, why woodn't I?
Mum got me sum catnip, I've herd abowt this stuff, but at this point, I don't reely see whut all the fuss is, maybe I'm not old enuff to unnerstand. I dunno. I ate it, I smelled it, nothin happened. Whut iz supposed to happen enyway?
I see that my Auntie Anne stopped by the blog, Hi Auntie Anne!! Maybe Kitt and Archie can start bein bloggin cats too, tell em it's reely fun. Kitt and Archie are my kitty cuzins.
Mum says that she has to go to the store to buy dinner, I think she's gettin hamz, maybe I can try sum if I'm lucky, I think miss Daisy or sumbody said that hamz iz good.

Luv, Willie


PB & J said...

You might be too young for the Nip Willie! I didn't like it much till I was about a year old.

And Ham is seriously good stuff, hope you got some!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I'm like that with catnip. Not all cats react.... Sigh.

Daisy said...

Willie, I think you are a little bit too young for the catnip. Hams is yummy though! And Temptations, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willie I love your blog. I am sure Kit and Arch would love to blog but their person can't figure out how to do it. She is not very bright! Keep up the good work! I have your photo on my desktop at work-you are a very cute guy! Love, Auntie Anne

Aoise said...

I'm only getttin into nip and I am a gwone up cat ! Dere is a cat near me and he gets under the water when my miewmie is watering her plant babies. He is definitly a bit cwazy.


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