Saturday playing

Today the peepul thot it wood be fun to put me in a funny situation.

"Really, do we have to play this game?"
"I'm in a bag...Do you think I am grosseries?"

"Ok, that's it, the cat is coming out of the bag!"Before this game, earlier in the day I spent some time looking at the berd: (If you click to biggify you can see that I was thinkin about how she might taste)

And that is my Saturday, time for a nappy.


ML said…
Hee hee, funny pictures.
Missy Blue Eyes
Daisy said…
Willie, you are very right. Being a grocery is only a little bit fun.
Hey you were out of the bag!
Camie's Kitties said…
We like to play in bags, and sometimes it is fun to be carried around in one - but not for long.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Beins haf the strangest ways of playin wif us sometimes!

I prefer paper bags. Onthe floor. On their sides. Not held...

Humans are always doing weird stull like that. Just play along, then ignore them for the rest of the day.
Kellykat said…
Thats so cool that you have a burd and a fishy in your house livin with you. I only have a rotten younger sister and a momma kitty. But now my Meowmy and I have been making new friends on the innernets! Thanks for coming by my blog and introducing yourself. Hope to see you there again real soon.
P.S. I think Meowmy's toes look ready for the bitey too!
T'Abby Normal said…
Dear Willie,
My mom thinks you are very silly, but I kind of want to get into the bag with you.

Maybe we can get a big paper one that will rattle a lot if we wrestle in it.

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