She tricked me!

Today my Mum tricked me. One day last week she brought home a plastic bocks with holes all over it and put a nice towel at the bottom, I thot it was a place for me to sleep and I've been snoozin in it all week. It's cozy and comfy, at least so I thot, until today. She made me go in there and even tossed a treat in it so I would go inside, then she locked me in. Then she took me owtside in the bocks and put me in the big masheen and we drove back to that place that I went abowt a munth ago. The lady there stabbed me with sharp needles first she stabbed me in the sholder but I squirmed away, so anuther lady came in and put me in a towel and grabbed me up and held my butt owt for the other lady to stab me twice. They they turned me arownd and skwerted more of that deworming gook down my throat, I gagged some of it back owt just to show them I wuzn't pleezed. I wuz never so happy to get back in the bocks. They gave my Mum a certificate to show that I won't have rabeez for a yeer. Oh and the best part! The lady there said that I am going to be a big kitty because I have big feets. She sed I'll be long and tall. Watch out all you lady cats, I'm gunna be big! I am 6 pounds 10 ounces now, I wuz only 3 pounds 7 ounces a munth ago. I won't be a man cat in training for long, I'll be a Man Cat before you know it!
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, after we went thru this whole thing at the VET, my mom stopped for breakfast and gots bizkits and gravy, and woodn't even share with me. I've been running around angry and bad since we got home, maybe she'll give me some "Hook line and sinker" Meow Mix for lunch.
Talk to you all later, after I demand my lunch.


You know I like to nap in that box? The PTU is a comfy place and safe. Sorry about the stabs!

Willie said…
Can someone tell me what PTU stands for? I keep seeing it and I know that it means the carrying box, but what is the PTU? Also, yesserday I saw someone had "tocks" what is that?
I gotta lern all these terms.

PTU is "Prisoner Transport Unit" usually it means we kitties are being taken to the VET aka "Stabby Place"

that is terrible that she tricked you. tocks is "Buttocks Trouble" that is where we get shots and our temperature taken. This area of the body is also called "Spot #13" as it was christened by Daisy.

Let us know if you have any other questions on terms! It takes time to learn them all I know. More pop up all the time.
Daisy said…
That is a lot of terrible torture you endured. You definitely deserve some of your delicious "Hook Line and Sinker" for lunch.
Oh man, dem mom's can be really tricky...and mean! The good thing is dey usually make up for it wif snuggles and treats.
Oh that is so unfair!
Yeah, they trick us like that sometimes. We all know the PTU by sight, so that doesn't werk annymore. So The Big Thing leaves it on the guest bed a few days afore he wantsta take us ta the V-E-T.

So now, JUST when we are about finished wif breakfas, he graps somekitty and puts us in there.

The Beins are VERY sneaky!
Tybalt said…
Poor Willie. You deserve special treatment after an ordeal like that! I can't believe your mommy didn't share her breakfast with you.
Camie's Kitties said…
We are sorry you got stabbed, but we love our PTU. We sleep in ours all the time. We hope you didn't feel too bad after the stabs.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
PB & J said…
We've only gotten tricked into the PTU once - we're smart. Now when we see that thing we run for the hills! Sorry you got stabbed!
ctsheehy said…
Oh, Willie, darlin', we beans don't like stabbing our kitties but it has to be done to keep you strong and healthy. After all, we want you with us for a loooong time. My kitties Beau and Nina have their annual exams tomorrow. I don't really appreciate armfuls of claw and teeth marks either, but we all do what we have to do...
You are becoming one handsome mancat, my boy!
Love and snuggles from your friend Meshugunah
Aoise said…
My miewmie has to hide the PTU behind the sofa so I can't see it. Then she gwabs me when she finks I leest expect it. I fink I am going to the v-e-t- place next week for my wormie tablet and my flee dwops, so I sympathise with your experwience.
Black Cat said…
Oh, you pooor little big boy! But it's better to be stabbed than get the rabies coz rabies is very, very nasty. xxx

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