This is me when I sing the kitchen opera... "Oh, So lo mii oooohhh, give mii some foodoh"

My day job.


A case of the crazy's.

Another cracker box video, this one is better than the other one I put up.


T'Abby Normal said…
I love the way you play "bumper box" with the crackers box. I wish Ms. C would get me a box like that to play with!

I always have the crazies too... wanna come play herd of thundering elephants with me?

Abby Normal
I think you have a very important day job!
Daisy said…
I see a CAT DANCER! The best toy in the world!
The Island Cats said…
Hey, Willie! You are a crazy cat! 'Specially cuz you sing opera!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
My mommy couldn't stop laughing when we saw the crazies video and the ceacker box video.
Niko and Cloud said…
Wow, we have a fevver here named Sam too. You are a crazy dancer!
Seems like ya hadda good day Willie! Singin, nappin, runnin aroun, and tryin ta hide in the little box! Make sure ya dont get stuck inna box though...

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