Thanks Skeezix!!

I got my package from Skeezix in the mail today, after I won in a random drawing for submitting comments during his time as a guest blogger on Catster. This is a picture of all of the awesome things that he sent. I am going to make my Mum read that book all the way through, she thinks it looks like it will be a good read anyway. The primo nip actually got my attention for the first time, I've never been interested in the stuff until today. The Skeezy swag is just to pawsome for words.

Here I am having fun with the bag of primo nip. It was more fun in the bag than when Mum put some on the floor for me.

Also, for anyone who was wondering how I fit into the Zesta box a few weeks ago, here is a demonstration on how to jam your body into crackers boxes. This one didn't work as well as the first, but I had to give it a try.


Congratulations on your package. We got ours too!
Whicky Wuudler said…
Congratulations on your fabulous package. I like the video of your doing the box trick.
Daisy said…
Skeezix is a very wonderful Mancat!

I thought your video was funny.
whatloknows said…
Oh yes, another alternative to too small for entire body boxes is the empty water bottle cardboard holder thingy. After mom loads the frig with the bottles there is that box it came in cardboard thing with the plastic covering now laid flat within the shallow box. Do you follow? It is my all time fav thing to nap on.

Oh yeh, plastic bags from grocery are the bomb BUT mom doesnt let us play too long with those cause she worries.

wlk crew
whatloknows said…
And..........CONGRATS!!!! on the mail. Mmmmm catnips!
Tybalt said…
What a great package!
What fun goodies! Enjoy them. We sure enjoyed your video, I'll have to try that.

Parker said…
Skeezix always knows what the best goodies are!
PB 'n J said…
Wow - what great prizes!

And that video sue was funny :-)
Aoise said…
I fink there is some law of fysics at work here. Basically, You is too big for that small box dude. Great package !
Sweet Praline said…
I think you must have been on some of that premo nip when you tried to fit in that cracker box.
China Cat said…
Congratulations on your package! You got some terrific prizes and yum, nip!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
congratultions on winning! that is a wonderful package. i'm very glad you enjoyed the nip. i can't imagine life without it.

that video is cute and funny! i can't believe you fit there!
Congratulations on your cool prizes. I love the video. It's funnier than I imagined.
Cool stuff. Whatta great prize!

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