Water Friend Wednesday

Hello, Phinnigan here. The lady took some pictures of me the other after she cleaned my water tank. Then, as soon as it was clean, that annoying4 legged furr ball stuck his foot in my water, what a pain in the fin he is. Not much happens on my side of the house, except when the peepul stand around the TV and play that Rock Band game, then I get to watch them and that it entertaining. My tank is on the coffee table in front of the TV. I used to be on the kitchen counter at the last house we lived at, I was more included in the everyday action there, but I don't mind my quiet area. There is no room in the kitchen here, there not as much counter space.
That about it for me, I'll talk to you all later.



It must be fun to just swim around and watch what humans are up to.

Furkidsmom said…
We've never had a water friend before! Nice to meet you!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
T'Abby Normal said…
I bet you know all the secrets! i would tell you mine because you seem like the usually silent type.

I want to stick my paw in too. I won't say why. It's my secret!

Abby Normal
PB 'n J said…
It sounds like your quiet spot is nice - we wish we could get a quiet spot away from our woofie!
Whicky Wuudler said…
Hi Phinnigan (great name btw). I think your family needs to spend more time around you and let you join in a bit. Feesh get lonesome too I understand. As for Willie, he needs to keep his paws to himself.
Parker said…
Hi! It's nice to meet you!
HotMBC said…
A water friend huh? Um ok. Are you tas.... do you have good taste?
I will behave, really.
Ah you look so interesting there. I think I'd probably stick my paw in too--just for a pat.
Camie's Kitties said…
Phin, it looks like you have a good place to have your home. It is nice to meet you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Phin, we haf 2 friens just like you (well, one is blue). But we are VERY fascinated by them... (ahem)

Sometimes The Big Thing removes the cardboard between them andd they get are displayey at each other. That gets us REAL ecited...
It was very sweet of Willie to stick his paw in your water to add a little excitement to your day.
Luka and Ezri said…
Phinnigan, you're clean home is very pretty. We have a betta brother named Bruce. His tank is plastic and old and never so sparkly like that.
Willow said…
I think that I would stick my paw in your water too! Some fish used to live here in my kitchen but they went to the Bridge. I miss watching them!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

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