Tabby Toosday - Boxes are fun

Hey Mum this box is pawsome!!!

My Grammie in Maine sent my Mum a box with some things in it. My Grammie sent me some things too, she sent a mouse on a string wand toy that you can see in the box, she also sent a little cat grass kit in a little metal trash can. The bestest part was the box with all of the newspaper in it. It is fun to play and sleep in. My Mum took advice from another kitty blogger (we can't remember who it was unfortunately) and taped the box back up and cut some holes in it, so now it is a fun tunnel box for me to hang out in. I like to take things from the table and hide them in the box too, like Mum's chap stik and a little skware thing she said was an IPOD tuner, she was pretty happy to find these things after a few days of wondering where they went, I'll hide them again when she's not looking.


I love boxes. And yours even has paper! Oh what fun!
Lux said…
You look like you're very happy in that first picture! :) Great box!
The Furry Kids said…
Hiding stuff is fun. hee hee
A really good hidey spot is under the couch. Except sometimes it's hard to get your treasures back out from under there. I'm still working on that one.

We got a box from Maine too!! AND it had newspaper in it. Weird!! I just love boxes. But Grandpaw never sends us stuff, just Meowmy.

Daisy said…
That looks like a most excellent box!
My kitties love boxes too!
We3Katz said…
Lucky! We nefer get boxez! That iz becauze a certain black kitty...who shall go namelez...peez in them!!

Shut up rat boy!!!
PB 'n J said…
Oh that looks like a lot of fun Willie!
A tunnel box is an excellent idea. Boxes are the best toy ever.
Your cat looks like its having such a great time! Makes you wonder why we bother buying cat toys at all when all they need is a box to play in to be happy!
Oh wow, whatta GREAT box. We nefer thought to have one filled with balled up noospaper! We are gonna demand that The Big Thing do tha tomorrow!

(Ayla: I'm fainting away at the idea)

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