Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attack Tabby Toosday

This is my wresslin dawg, he doesn't have a name, we don't have a very personal relationship like that for him to have a name. I just like to beat the krap out of him and choke him and bite him and kick him, it's best not to know someone's name if that is all you do together. He is very willing to let me do all of these mean things to him, so it's all good.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Missing my Mum's lap

I think my Mum is in the flat compyooter, I see her on the video window and hear her voice, but her lap is not home. I don't really understand. My WB's lap is nice but he doesn't let me sit there as long as my Mum does. He did give me a really nice belly rub this evening though and that was pretty pawsome of him. I hope my Mum and her lap gets out of the flat compyooter and comes home tomorrow so we can have lap time all weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Veterans

Today is Veterans day, when we remember all of the veterans who have fought in wars for our freedom. If it wasn't for them, we in the USA would not have many of the things that we have. I know some veterans and I know of some who have passed away. My Great Grampa Lt. John A. Ruksznis was in World War II in the Army, my other Great Grampa Bud Stanchfield was also in WWII in the Navy, my other Great Grampa Leon Pope was in WWII as well, my Great Grampa Snapp I think was in WWII too(historical correction: I learned that he was not after all) My Mum was in the Air Force but didn't serve during a war, so technically she is not a Veteran, but we should thank her anyway. My favorite Veteran is my Wresslin Buddy, he is serving in the Air Force now during the current war, he also was in Saudi Arabia after the first Gulf War, so as a way to thank him, I have dressed up as him, they say that imitation is the best way to show someone how great you think they are right? Thank you Wresslin Buddy for being the best Veteran I know!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Me on Monday

Thank you for out pouring of support and sympathy at the loss of our phish friend, it has made my mum feel better.
In my own defense on the running out and across the road, I just wanted to go look for all of the berds and things that I see go by the window, it wasn't that big of a deel, our road only has about 10 cars go by a day. And I only went out the 2nd time, because I only got to see the back yard on my first escape of the day, I needed to see the front too.

Hay Mum, do we have any new pictures of my handsome face to show today?

Mum: Hang on, I'm checking the laptop.Here I am snoopervising the office and hogging the chair.And enjoying a good tummy scratch.This is the best place in the house for observing everything that is going on. I also sit here and shoot my lazer beem eyes at the berd.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sad news

Today our gang lost a member. Phinnigan crossed the rainbow bridge last night. He had been acting sick for most of the week and we had been treating him with some anti bacterial/anti fungal medicine for a few days. His phins had deteriorated and he had something going on with his eye. Hubby found him sunk to the bottom of the tank this morning. I am sad and feel like I should have done more to help him in the weeks prior to him getting really sick, but with fish it isn't easy to know what to do.
So now, we are just the Feather and Furr gang. :(

In other news: William is on lock down in the PTU. He ran out the door 2 times this morning and across the road on the second time. I'll probably let him out soon, he's been locked up for about an hour.
Update: He's not on lock down anymore, I let him out at about 1:30, after being in for about 1 1/2 hours, I think, it might not have been that long. I think he fell asleep anyway, so it wasn't much for punishment. Hopefully he learned something though.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Easy like Sunday

Me chillin on Mum's lap.

This will be me later on today.
I like to hog the computer chair when I'm not blogging. I leave Mum a few inches to sit on, I think that is being more than reasonable.


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