Family time with da berd

The other day we had some family time in the compyooter room, da berd even joined us. Here we are being best frends.

It lasted a few minutes, then I thought I could try to be a bit frendlier and put my paw out to touch her nicely. Mum yelled at me, and da berd hissed at me then flew off. I just don't understand, I was only being frendly.
Oh well, guess I'll take a nap on the desk...
Like my pillow? It's comfy.


Here you were trying to shake hands and they wouldn't let you. I just don't know sometimes!
We are constantly amazed ya don't just leave fevvers all around the house. Great control...
Hi Willie,
we've sent you an email wif a special picture...
cause we like you so much!

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