Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I want to wish all of my friends a Happy Turkey day. My Mum is cooking a giant turkey in the hot cooker machine and I am going to eat ALLLLLL of it. Ok, maybe not all of if, but she did say she would share a little bit with me. She's boilin the giblits and stuff from the little bag that came outta the turkey (I didn't know they kept their innards in a funny paper baggie), I think I'll have some of that too. I hope all kitties get to share the feast with their peepul this Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for my Mum and my WB. I am thankful that I get to eat good food everyday. I am thankful that I get to go outside explorin and jumpin on trees. I am thankful for my toys, my best friend Ping, my blue blankie that Mum Tara made me, my squishie pillow that I make bizkits on, and all of the furniture I get to sleep on. I luv my life!


Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...
Zoolatry said…
H Willie and all, we emailed you a Christmas picture, hope you received it.
Your friends, Maggy & Zoey, Zoolatry

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