Meowy Christmas to all!

This is our attempt at a family photo, it took several tries.
If it wasn't the WB makin silly faces, it was me getting tired
of being held in one place, to goof it up.
This is what we came up with, the Snapp Family Photo 2009.

I Love, luv, loooove Christmas time! Well, except for when the peepul go away tomorrow. I guess they are ditching me to go to see the family back on the east coast. They could take me with them, but I don't know if I want to sit in a carrier for that many hours, they say I'd have to sit in the carrier under a seat. That doesn't sound cool at all. So I'll stay home with my lady care taker friends Tish and Grace, they treat me nice, let me sit on their laps and even play chase around the house. I'll be in good hands, but I'll certain miss Mum and the WB. Even with this part, of me having to say stay home by myself I still think Christmas time is totally pawsome. Just check out the pawsomeness that happened last evening...

I got to play in wrapping papers, since Mum and WB decided to open their prezzints to each other early.

My Grandmeowm, the Grand WB and my cousins Smokey and Sammy sent me the coolest thing!! Remember when I tried to steal Mum's gift card a few months ago? Well, I finally have my OWN! Tell me, can you think of a better gift than a
$50 PETCO card? Me, neither and that's totally what they got me!!! Oh what shall I buy? The possibilities are endless, I'll be sure to let you know once we get to go shoppin.

They also sent me this neato basket thing with fevers on it!

I hope that everyone out there has a pawsome Christmas where ever you are!


FEATHERS!!! That is my favorite type of feather toy!!!! I am so there to steal it!!!
Daisy said…
Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!
Hope you all are having a pawsome Christmas too! And a safe trip for your folks.
We're glad ya hadda a early Chrissymouse Day, Willie, since the Beins were leavin. Hope they come back soon...
Wow, you got really cool stuffs! We is envious...

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