Mum's back

Welcome home Mum!

Why yes I did just come from using the litter, I thought I would show how I felt about you going away this week.
Um no, I will not stay still so you can fix the camera setting so you can take a better picture of my bad smelling self. Deal with it, the stink will fade once I lay in your lap for a few minutes.


I think you are handling the return quite well... I love to smell when I'm on the Woman.
The Island Cats said…
Glad your mum is back...and you let her know how you really feel about her being gone...
Gracie =^o.o^= said…
Ha, ha, ha, ha, now that is funny! that will show them for sure! You go!!!
Anyway it is you that will dump them, head over tomorrow and watch the Super Bowl at my place. I know you are a Colts fan. See you soon!
Ayla and Iza said…
We are lucky that our litterboxes get cleaned twicet a day. We notice the need a lot faster than TBT.
Grrreta said…
That is a very sweet way to show your mom you missed her.

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