One of my favorite places

This is me, hanging out in the closet/cupboard/place to dump junk in. I go in there whenever Mum gets stuff out, or put stuff in. It's really fun to explore and climb around . That green thing is this funny Christmas tree who spins, dances and sings "Rockin around the christmas tree". There's a lot of random junk in there and Mum and WB may be embarrassed that I am posting it for everyone to see, but I'm sure everyone else in the world has a junk place, I don't see anything controversial showing, so I think it's ok. At least I'm not showing the "storage room", my other favorite explorin' place.


Now that looks like an excellent place to hang out!
Grrreta said…
Ooooh, cool closet! There are lots of interesting things in there. That Christmas tree looks very whappable.
Ayla and Iza said…
Its nice ta get inta crowded spaces like that. Myself, I love it when the linen closet door is left open so I can crawl in.
We love to get in the closet but we rarely do. So we climb on the open shelves.

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