Berd watchin

Nearly every time I go outside these days I am heckled by these silly little berds, I think they are are sparrows or finches, or something. I've tried to chase them but they fly away too fast. I am biding my time waiting for them to make a mistake, I will get them.

Hiding out is a vital part of my plan, today I figured out that I can hide in the flower bed (I don't think Mum was too happy that I skwashed the daffy dills.
This is the little twerp that I am dealing with, he has 2 friends that join in his heckling too.

Here is this annoying berd of mine on live action footage.



Hannah and Lucy said…
We see you have live bird television at your window. Do they start tweeting to you early in the morning and wake you up.
What a great place you have to hide! I bet that bird comes right to you.
William said…
I got kicked out of the room this morning, because I was trying to watch berd TV out the window. Mum thought I was getting too excited and she usually gets upset when I kick things off of the desk that I have to climb on to see out.
Marg said…
That little bird is scolding you. It doesn't like you sitting there. The mocking birds here dive bomb us and peck us. That is not fun. Hope you have a great week.
meowmeowmans said…
That is a great hidey spot! We almost didn't see you in the first picture!
The Island Cats said…
We hope you get that pesky berd...

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