My Mum says that Discombobyoolated means Angry and Confused. That is what I am right now! Angry and Confused! I have no pictures, because I don't think you would like to see the expression that I have had on my face for the past two days. Over the course of the past two days my house has gone from fully furnished, to no couch, no smooshy chair, and no tables. At least the peepul thought it would be good to keep the bed, I don't know where all of the stuff went and that makes me angry and confused.

I'll keep you posted as things develop...


Daisy said…
Uh oh! That sounds a little bit skerry! Are you MOVING?!?
The Island Cats said…
Well, that would make us discombobulated too!!! Where did all that stuff go?
I hate it when that happens. It usually means something bad... Like the M word.

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