Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top O' the Tower

I think Mum had been a little sad that I had not been using the new tower that I got a little while ago. I really hadn't been going up to the top very much and not paying much attention to it at all. This weekend I decided that I'd start using it more and I have found that this top perch is pretty cool afterall. It's a little hard to get down, jumping from the top is a long way down and I make a big thud when I hit the floor, I will sometimes jump straight down, or get down to the second level and jump from there. Here I am jumping from the top allll the way to the floor, I'm so fast I blur.


Sparkle said...

I agree that it looks a little awkward to get down from. Ours has three platforms and we can jump from one down to the other, like steps.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We don't often use the top of our tower either. Both Ichiro and I like the middle part.

Kea said...

The top is the best place to be for snoopervising! Nicki uses the top of ours, but we (Annie and Derry) either use the middle or hang out elsewhere. The mom should get us two more towers so we each have our own! Heh heh.

Katnip Lounge said...

Willam, that's a great tower. We bet you would use it more if it was in front of the window...think of the sunbeam possibilities!

Sunday Snoozeday

I hope your Sunday was as relaxing as mine has been.  I've taken about 7 naps so fa r.