We need some Feng Shway for cats in this house

I haven't laid on the back of the couch for a picture since we've been at this house. It was my favorite spot at the old house because it was a look out point where I could see everything, now it is in the wrong spot for any useful cat purposes. I think my Mum should rearrange the furniture so I can see the kitchen, out the window and down the hallway from the back of the furniture. All I can look at from here is the TV, the closed blinds of the front window and this grand painting above me, should I choose to glance up at it. Not very Feng Shway indeed.


Kea said…
Yes, furniture should always be placed to give us the best views, to watch kitty TV and snoopervise!
Katnip Lounge said…
You need a cat Tree for Christmas...placed in just the right spot, traffic flows be danged!
Yeah--furniture should always be placed with you in mind... sigh.
Sparkle said…
You are right, that couch is placed ALL wrong! You human has totally messed with your energy flow.
The Island Cats said…
Definitely she needs to change the furniture to suit your needs!!

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