Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Farewell Tavi

My friend Tavi over at Camie's Kitty's departed for the Rainbow Bridge today. He lived a great long life, but was very sick for the past few months. He is at peace now and is running free with his brother and sisters who were at the bridge waiting for him.
I'll always think of Tavi when I lay on the bloo blankie on the back of my couch (as seen in my last post), Tavi's Mum knitted that for me on my 1st birthday and it was the first thing that I made biskits on.
Please be thinking of Tavi's Mum and his siblings Cody and Gracie as they will all be sad for the next few days missing him. I am purring for them.


Kea said...

We didn't know Tavi, but we left our purrs and purrayers on the blog. It's so hard, never gets easier.

WB said...

It is always hard to read these posts. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends.

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