My Hobbies

Today I'm going to share some of my favorite hobbies with you, I think you will agree, they are all very cat worthy.

Hobby #1

Hobby #2

Hobby #3

Hobby #4
Maybe Mum will take more pictures of me doing some other hobbies and I can share those with you later.


Sparkle said…
Wow, you have a LOT of hobbies!!
WB said…
Very cat worthy.
Cool Hobbies Willie!!
Happy Holidays from your TX furiends,
Katnip Lounge said…
You spend your time VERREH wisely!
Those are some really nice hobbies. We do some of the same, except going out. We do not have a fence, so have to stay in.
Happy Weekend!
~ Anna Sue
WB said…
Oh, you forgot wrestling with the WB!
A few Good Cats said…
Those are fun pastimes!
William said…
WB, that is one of my favorites, but these were the only ones we could find pictures for right now.

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