Spring Greenery

My Mum is a majishun, she sprinkled majik dust on the back yard and now there is a ton of grass out there!!
You all know how I luv grass. I luv to eat it, walk on it, hide in it and stalk berds in it.
You remember a few months ago when I was upset when Mum pulled up my clovers? Well I have decided, grass is better than clovers, I have to agree with Mum on this one.


Sparkle said…
It's cat grass heaven out there!
Athena said…
You sure look like you are enjoying yourself! The grass looks wonderful. I purrsonally am not allowed outside.
Katnip Lounge said…
There's enough grass for a HERD of Cats! Can we come over?
Way cool! She can come to our house and do that...

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