A Harniss??

What? Why is my Mum making me put on this crazy contraption? It feels kind of funny, it's not horribly uncomfortable, but it is weerd.

(no that is not me on the box, it looks alot like he could be my brother tho)


Katnip Lounge said…
So it didn't steal your bones? You're lucky! We go all limp when Mommy puts ours on.
Well at least you got to go outside...
Sparkle said…
I could totally squirm outta that. Which is probably why my human has never put one on me.
Kea said…
Wow, we think you did really well! Sometimes it freaks kitties out, or as the Lounge said, steals bones!

-Fuzzy Tales
Athena said…
wow! I don't know if I would like that or not! what did you think of it?
Oh, that's to make your mom happy cause she can keep an eye on you and you can't inspect the undercarriage of cars, even though you have your certificate in it. Moms take all the fun out of outide, don't they.

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