Monday, May 9, 2011

Take the kitty to (where) day?

So today started out like any other, Mum's alarm went off, we got out of bed awhile later. She got ready for werk and just as I thought she was leaving me for the day, she asked me to go in the carrier box. I did with no argument cause that's just what I do. She put me in the truck and took me with her. I was rather intreeged at this, I always stay home, but not today. I got to go to the office with her!! Neeto.

Take the kitty to werk day!
We got there and she let me out and I explored all over. It was really fun. I was so excited that I got all poofty tailed.

I checked out tables, chairs, funny smellin carpet, I inspected all of it.
Holy carp! Is that an old timey bloggin masheen??? Wonder what they do with that...
It's sounds like it's too good to be troo right?
You're right, it was...
It was just a stop over on the way to the V-E-T.
A haf hour after we got to werk, she asked me to go back in the carrier box again. It terned into Take the kitty to the V-E-T day... I was saddened that I wasn't going to be able to put in a full day on the job, I could have earned myself some monies to buy Temtayshuns.

Off to the V-E-T we went, the people there were very complimentary, they gushed over how handsome I am and my massive tiger like size, all 19 pownds of me. Then they put me on a table and pinned me down and jammed the BIGGEST needle ever into my back!!!! Holy CARP that hurt! So much that I hissed at the lady and showed my fangs to her, then took a swipe with the claws, but she was too fast and she escaped my assault. After that they kept holding me down while they looked me over and held something in my ear for a few seconds. Nothing else hurt, but I was not in a good mood after the giant needle, even though they continued to give me nice compliments over my aesthetically pleasing colors.

Mum says that there is a tracking device in me now. I guess this means that I am no longer stealthed, I am being tracked by satellites and radars. I'm not sure of the purpose of all of this, but I guess if I was to get lost, then I'd be found easily. Can someone answer a question for her about this? She went on the Home Again website and it says that she has to pay $16.00 to register, she filled out the registration form at the V-E-T, when they mail that in will I be registered for no fee? Should we wait until that shows up on the website before we do anything?

After all of that, I forgot all about the fun that I had at the office, until we just pulled the pictures off the camera. She brought me home and I dove into the food dish like I hadn't eaten in days, she says that I must be like one of those peepul who eat when they get stressed out. Well YAH, I was stressed out! I spent the rest of the day sleeping off my bad mood.


Katnip Lounge said...

Bait and Switch! You were robbed out of a day at work. we'd have to sleep all day too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Man... that's so unfair--you thought it would be fun and it was the vet. We got our chips from the shelter and they had been registered to the shelter so the money we paid was about changing to our information. However, we aren't sure about the vet. We know most microchip places have a fee when you register but aren't sure about the whole thing that gets sent from the vet...

Sparkle said...

Wow. That WAS a nasty trick your human played on you! No wonder you wound up in such a foul mood. I would be pretty mad too!

Fisher and Staff said...

You sure took that ruse well. I was all excited that finally cats are getting to go to work - and kitty dining would follow. Humph.

Athena said...

Unfair! What a mean trick gotted played on you. Hope you are feeling better now.

Sunday Snoozeday

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